What We're Made Of


Although we consider all of our fabrics to be classics, there are several which have truly made an impact on our collections and will continue to inspire us throughout the seasons. Below are the fabrics that help shape our designs and provide a foundation for the Mismo identity.

Army Canvas: 

Bringing back a favored classic, a utilitarian take on cotton fabric, the Army is a textured canvas serving up protection and style . It's more of a grainy fabric than before, but also more urban, more rough, and more textured.

Black Coated Cotton/Nylon:

This fabric has been used for a couple of seasons now due to it’s impeccable durability. It’s a blended fabric that comes off as a pure cotton fabric, but with a small amount of polyester in its composition. The has a natural cotton canvas look with the durability that matches any luggage.

This is a more clean, tight look that compliments both formal and informal styles.  
The coated surface makes the black as sharp as can be, but still allowing for an individual patina after use. 



Navy Nylon:

Classic to the core and perhaps our most recognized fabric, the Navy nylon is clean, simple, and durable. Small grooves make it rough to the touch but provides an all over uniform feel that gives it a serious touch of casual ease. This fabric will stand the test of time and keep its good looks long after the purchase date.


A/W14 | Introductions

Each season we bring in a few new articles to add a new dimension to the fabric collection. This season, we went a little rustic with two new fabrics that round out the AW14 collection and add an extra touch of tactility and flavour.

Blue Collar:

This heritage inspired fabric was chosen to represent a more crafted side of the Fabric collection. The jacquard pattern jumps off the rich indigo background and is complimented by the tabac coloured vegetable tanned, full grain bridle leather, and brass hardware that's used throughout our collection. We chose specific styles that work well with the fabric and tell a story that is consistent with the season. The fabric itself is a cotton weave with an antifray backing and a water repellency coating.



A  "farm to market" inspired fabric, the woodland adds a rustic approach to this season's autumn/winter collection. The naturally rough cotton fabric is treated with a wax coating, smoothing any fray's that would normally be present while adding a layer of protection and sophistication to an otherwise unrefined fabric. Due to the nature of the wax, the fabric develops its own unique patina over time, giving way to natural shades throughout.



All of our fabrics are backed with a soft cotton fabric and have a water repellent treatment applied to the exterior.