World Maritime University, Malmoe Sweden

World Maritime Univerisity, Malmoe

In 2011, Australian architect firm Terroir and Danish architecture firm Kim Utzon Arkitekter won the the challenge to build the new World Maritime University in Malmoe, Sweden. The challenge was to transform the century-old harbor masters building into the new university home.

World Maritime University

The old building is especially important to mention, because it´s still there - inside the other one. The old harbor masters building was completed in 1910 to administer Malmoes harbor, and has within the project been renovated but not removed. The result is an most stunning impression of old meets new mindset.

World Maritime University

The reason for encapsulating the old masters building of course has a certain meaning to it. For the locals in malmoe, the building marked the spot where the old town of Malmoe transitioned into the harbor. In other terms a "hinge". With this in mind, the architect created a space that worked as a "hinge" not only as a transition from old Malmoe to the harbour but also a "hinge" between the new building and the old one.

World Maritime University

The outside of the building was inspired by the old roof of the masters building with its angular lines, and the color was chosen to match both the old buildings roof color.

World maritime univeristy World maritime university

Photographs: Courtesy of Terroir + Kim Utzon Arkitekter