Our bags at Mismo are made to be worn, in fact, we believe the wearing over time gives them the uniqueness and personality they deserve. So when we did research for our latest Kadeau feature and realized, that the manufacturer of their alluring ceramics had similar ideas about their products, we were instantly curious about learning more.

Torben Lov and Susanne Glerup Lov are the couple behind the "Lov I Listed" ceramics. Their workspace is situated on the east coast of the rocky island of Bornholm and as the name indicates specifically in the city of Listed.

Together they produce stunning pottery with elegant designs, using natural shapes, colors, and surfaces. They mention the elements and structures you can find in the breathtaking shoreline, roaring ocean, seaweed on the beach or the seashells washing ashore, as a stimulus behind their designs.

Make sure to visit them on your next Bornholm trip or check out their work on their webpage here: http://www.lovilisted.dk/

Photos are courtesy of Stilleben.dk and Lov I Listed.